Virtru is a leader in encryption products that help organizations worldwide protect their data, wherever it is created or shared. Virtru had a logo in place, but needed to expand on their style guidelines to position themselves for successful customer-facing collateral, website, and other marketing materials. As Art Director, I helped to define and shape the identity beyond just the logo. Developed as part of the broader design system, this brand identity work follows the same guiding principles and company vision.
Virtru hired an outside agency to redesign their website, and my role was to help manage the design process to ensure that the agency's work captured the Virtru brand vision and mission. Once completed, I worked with our marketing department to manage content, navigation, and image assets to keep the site current. Further improvements and pages were added on an as needed basis, as shown below.
As a growing company, Virtru had an increasing amount of new features, initiatives, and partnerships that they wanted to promote. This lead to an icon system that I created to help illustrate many of these stories. These icons were a step-up in visual complexity from our product icons, but kept many of the same styling queues for a cohesive overall brand look and feel.
Virtru began primarily as a free product for single users. As they moved more towards enterprise level clients, we created custom email templates that these clients could use to inform their customers that they are using an encryption service. Both templates are shown below.
As part of Virtru’s expanding marketing efforts, and as the brand guidelines were coming together, I began to creating grids and templates to ensure visual consistency across all of our collateral. Combined with my work on Virtru's brand typography and spacing recommendations, this helped us to be more efficient with new collateral layouts, as well as future layouts of all kinds.
Below are examples of client success stories I created using elements and layout guidelines documented in Virtru’s reimagined brand style guide. The mix of one and two columns, and use of color, allows for a reader friendly approach with digestible sections of information.
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